Growth Hacking Your Dental Practice

Why did we write the Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking Your Dental Practice?

There is a revolution taking place in the world of dental marketing and we wanted to help Dentists, Dental Marketing Specialists and individuals who manage marketing and promotions for dentists understand this new phenomenon. We wanted to provide a robust framework to help you understand Growth Hacking Tactics and what Growth Hacking Your Dental Practice can do to substantially improve your ability to generate quality new patients for your practice, improve your margin as well as give you a competitive advantage over your competitors that is hard to overstate.

Who is the Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking Your Dental Practice for?

This guide is for Dentists, Dental Marketing Assistants or anyone else who is trying to grow a Dental Practice and/or make their practice more profitable. If acquiring quality new patients, retaining existing patients, increasing case acceptance and improving your margin of profit is important to you then you should read this guide. If quality new patients matter to you, then growth hacking should matter to you.

How to use the Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking Your Dental Practice?

Each chapter is a standalone mini-guide that can be read in isolation, but to get the most of the book it would make sense to read it all the way through at least once, and then return to it as a reference resource when needed.

Growth Hacking Your Dental Practice - Chapter 1

1.    What is Growth Hacking Your Dental Practice?chapter 1

Growth hacking your dental practice is a misunderstood phenomenon and as a result there is a desperate need for this chapter. Few concepts have been as polarizing and revolutionary, simultaneously. Is it dental web marketing in disguise? Is it a buzz phrase used to increase the amount you pay for dental marketing? Is it the future of dental web marketing? This chapter will clearly define what this process really is.


Chapter 2

2.    The Profile of A Qualified Growth Hacker for Your Practice

As this new world of growth hacking comes to prominence, and dentists begin realize the incredible opportunity andChapter two power for growth it provides, dental marketing experts who are enticed by the possibility will wonder if they have what it takes to be a growth hacker for dentists.   Ken Newhouse is the 'OFFICIAL' Growth Hacker for the Dental Profession Worldwide and he points out that as with any career, certain kinds of individuals will flourish more than others, and this chapter debunks myths about who can and can’t successfully transform your practice with growth hacking.

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Chapter 3

3.    The Growth Hacking Process In Your Dental Practice   Chapter three

Before we dive into the specific tactics that are at a dental practice growth hacker’s disposal, it will be helpful to first talk about the process of growth hacking in and for your dental practice. There are definite steps that are going through a skilled dental growth hacker’s mind, either consciously or subconsciously, when they attempt to grow their client’s practice. This chapter will outline the six fundamental steps involved in this transformational process for your dental practice.

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The Defnitive Guide to Growth Hacking Your Dental Practice - Chapter 3

4.    The Funnel Used In The Growth Hacking Process

A funnel is a way to guide something which is usually unwieldy and uncooperative, like people. If you are trying to grow your practiceChapter four then your task is to guide prospective new patients towards a particular goal (signup for your newsletter and/or blog, schedule an appointment, refer, etc.). The problem is that people are unpredictable and full of free-will. If you are going to get quality new patient prospects to do what you wish, en masse, then you must employ a funnel. This chapter will help you understand the funnel used by the growth hacker transforming your dental practice.

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Chapter 5

5.    Pull Tactics for Getting Quality New Patients

The first way to get quality new patient prospects to your web site is to pull them in. This is where you give them a reason to come to you.Chapter five You entice them, incentivize them, and draw them to you. This chapter will outline some of the various ways that growth hacking your dental practice pulls quality new patients to your website and into your practice as scheduled new patients.

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Chapter 6

6.    Push Tactics for Getting Quality New Patients

A push tactic usually involves interrupting the content that is being consumed. You aren't the tweet they want to read, but instead, you’reChapter six the tweet ad that they read on their stream. You aren't the YouTube video they want to watch, but you are the pre-roll ad that they watch to get to the content they were after in the first place. Push methods may not seem as pure as pull methods, but they are valid tactics for the growth hacker who is creating strategies to generate more quality new dental patients for you, and this chapter will show you how to use them.

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Chapter 7

7.    Growth Hacking Tactics You Can Apply To Your Dental Marketing Program for Generating MORE New Patients

The ability to use the experience patients have in your practice to generate more new patients is one of the most exciting aspects of growthChapter seven hacking every aspect of your dental practice. Pulling quality new patient prospects into the top of your funnel is good, and so is pushing them in, but there is something magical about using the experience (your services and products) to drive new patient traffic. These strategies is not be confused with creating a referral program, but suffice it to say when this is done well, it can have a compounding effect which cannot be replicated with push and pull methods alone. This chapter will introduce you to the various ways that your practice can create its own new patient traffic (remember… this is not referring to the process of generating referrals).

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Chapter 8

8.    How to Activate Prospects On Your Website And Get Them To Schedule an Appointment

By now, you've found a way to get prospective new patients to come to your website, but if this is all you do then they will bounce at anChapter Eight incredibly high rate and you’ll never see them in your office as a new patient. Your goal is to activate them. Activation is the act of getting them to take an action that you are guiding them towards… examples can range from “getting them to sign up for your newsletter” to “the act of scheduling an appointment” to “getting them to accept your recommendations and begin treatment” to “getting them to refer quality new patients to you over and over again”. Activation is when they do something that you've decided beforehand would further your goals. This chapter will show you how the most successful growth hacking strategies can activate your prospective, new and existing patients to take the actions you want.

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Chapter 9

9.    How to Retain Followers On Your Blog and Patients In Your PracticeChapter Nine

Two chasms have already been crossed. You have successfully gotten new patients into your practice using push, pull, or product methods. You have also successfully activated them by getting them to take certain actions within your practice. It might seem like you are out of the woods, but there is one more necessary component to growth, retention. Retention is the act of getting your patients to remain in your practice. Many growth hackers actually consider retention the most important aspect of the funnel, and this chapter will help you master it.

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Chapter 10

10.    Tools and Terminology for Utilizing the Growth Hacking Platform In Your PracticeChapter Ten

Most growth hackers have a set of tools that they use to collect and analyze the data being produced by their strategies for growth hacking your dental practice. This chapter will give you an overview of some of the most popular tools while also introducing you to some of the common jargon that is used to describe and understand the metrics.

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