Dental Companies

Dental Companies face a lot of uncertainties... Sales doesn't have to be one of them with Growth Hacker Central

Building and tuning your sales engine isn't an art. It’s about having the right strategy, systems and tools. We build them for you in a few short months so you can focus on what you do best.

Growth Hacker Central will design, build, test, and optimize your sales engine in months as opposed to years. This means a faster path to revenue and a stronger foundation when you scale. Let's build something together. We select a small number of growth-oriented dental companies to partner with and engineer their sales growth. Interested?

Dental Companies

Who Want New and Effective Methods for Consistently Acquiring New Dentist Clients and Want to Create Sustainable Growth

Growth Hacker Central and Ken Newhouse is the ‘OFFICIAL’ Growth Hacker for the Dental Profession Worldwide™ and leading Marketing Specialist for Dental Companies. Growth Hacker Central creates, designs and maintains cost-effective programs that will deliver more dentist clients for your business… increases average new client transactions… increases lifetime value of existing clients and giving your dental company a larger market share, creating sustainable growth and profit. 

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Dr. Ken Newhouse has over 1-Million+ views for his articles published on Dentaltown, Dentistry IQ, Dental Assisting Digest, Dentistry Today, LinkedIn and the Growth Hacker Central Blog. His articles provide actionable, usable information for Dental Companies on exciting topics such as Growth Hacking, Gamification, New Client Acquisition, the Dental Marketing University and his Dentist Clients and Members routinely rank 97th percentile of production.

So if you're like most Dental Companies today, you may want MORE New Dentist Clients and want to discover proven methods for increasing their value and strategies for keeping them as your clients and customers

If you want an instant and distinct advantage over the dental companies you compete with and want to become (or remain) the one of the leading dental companies in your niche I want to encourage and invite you to schedule a 20-minute phone consultation with Dr. Newhouse

Here are the Benefits You'll Get from Your Call with Dr. Newhouse:

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  • The best, most-effective methods for finding, attracting and converting the highest-quality New Dentist Clients (These will surprise and delight you!)
  • The two outdated strategies that were originally designed to retain clients but are now costing dental companies tens-of-thousands of dollars in lost sales...
  • How Growth-Hacking your current business and sales model can result in massive new customer acquisition, significant increases in average transaction per client and notable improvements for your client retention program.

Securing Your Phone Consultation

To reserve your 20-Minute Phone Consultation you must provide a $100.00 REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT.  Upon completion of your call with Dr. Newhouse, your credit card will be refunded (the same day) the full amount of the deposit.  This means that the call with Dr. Newhouse is FREE.

We understand that your time is important and we want you to understand that Dr. Newhouse's time is also important.  The consultation call is reserved for Dental Companies who are serious about growth and want to discover new and more effective strategies for generating MORE New Dentist Clients.  The call is a 100% NON-SALES call which means that even if you want to hire Dr. Newhouse after speaking with him, the option will not be available until a 2nd call is scheduled.

This format is provided for your benefit and for Dr. Newhouse's... as there's nothing more irritating than being on a call that's nothing more than a sales pitch.  You have Dr. Newhouse's personal guarantee that this call will be one of the best investments of 20-minutes that Dental Companies can make and for you personally.

Here are the guidelines for scheduling the call with a $100.00 (one-hundred dollars) REFUNDABLE Deposit:

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  • To reserve the call, you will provide your credit card information using our secure, online order form.  Once you have completed the webform a representative from our office will contact you to schedule a day/time for the call.
  • Once the call has been scheduled, you will receive email confirmation of the day/time of the call.  Dr. Newhouse will call you at the appointed day/time of the call.
  • You must be on time for the call.  If you are more than 5-minutes late and/or miss the call your deposit may be forfeited.
  • IMPORTANT: We DO NOT want your $100.00... we want to speak to you in an effort to determine if you are a qualified candidate for the solutions we offer and to determine if your goals and objectives can be best met by Growth Hacker Central and Ken Newhouse or another service specialist..


If you understand and agree with the above terms and conditions, simply click on the image below and/or the link provided to place your deposit for the call with Dr. Newhouse.  A representative will contact you within 24 hours (typically within 2-3 hours) to confirm your deposit and schedule the call.

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