Are You Doing Your Dentist SEO Wrong?

With all of the algorithm updates Google has been releasing, have you ever wondered if your website guy (or gal) is keeping up with them?  If they aren't, you'll probably want to ask " Are you doing your Dentist SEO wrong? "

When you’re focused on patient care and the day-to-day goings on in your dental practice you don't have time to ask yourself " Are you doing your Dentist SEO wrong? " and in addition to that, how are you supposed to know anything about Google’s first update “Panda” and how it will affect your Dentist SEO? It doesn’t stop there either… because Google went on to introduce yet another update to their algorithm called “Penguin” and to confuse you even more they’ve now introduced the “Hummingbird” update! It’s a safe bet that these updates to Google’s algorithms and how they rank your website in their search results isn’t going to stop either.

You may not have asked " Are you doing your Dentist SEO wrong? ", but at this point you might be wondering if you should even be concerned with Google's constant changes, possibly writing it off in your mind because you think your “web guy” has it under control. That thought may end up being a huge mistake… especially if your page is ranking well today.

I’ve met more Dentists who went from “above the fold” on the first page in a search result to page 2, page 3… even page 4 overnight because of their “web guy” didn’t understand the ramifications of the Google’s update.  They failed to ask themselves " Are you doing your Dentist SEO wrong? "

Because of this, I decided to create a free dental practice website analyzer that will crawl your site and tell you specific things you need to fix. All you have to do is go to and enter in your URL.

Here’s what the dentist website analyzer will do for you:

How well are you doing with your site's Dentist SEO?

Are you doing your Dentist SEO wrong?  Use our FREE Dentist website analyzer to be sure

Don't worry if you're not able to answer the question "Are you doing your Dentist SEO wrong? " because the first part of the Free Dentist SEO Report is an overall estimate of the traffic that’s coming to your practice website. The tool will estimate how popular your website is compared to all of the other sites in the world... and more importantly... how it compares to the websites of your competitors.

Take a look at the screenshot above and you’ll see that Growth Hacker Central is the 12,547th most popular site in the world.  I’m the ‘OFFICIAL’ Growth Hacker for the Dental Profession Worldwide™ and in addition to getting a lot of dentists and dental marketing companies on our site we get a lot of growth hackers and marketers from around the world too.

After your traffic ranking, you’ll notice two main scores… the first is your overall Dentist SEO score, and the second is the score based on how quickly your dental website loads. Both of these are important as search engines (especially Google) take site speed into account when ranking a website.

Beneath your Dentist SEO and page load speed scores, you’ll see a few different colors: red, yellow and green. Red indicates things are bad; yellow means things are all right; and green tells you “it’s all good!”

Is your Dental practice website mobile compatible?

Are you doing your Dentist SEO wrong?  Is your dental practice website mobile compatible?

The next section of the Dentist SEO report is a visual screenshot of what your site looks like on a desktop computer, tablet and a mobile phone. In the screenshot above, you can see that my email opt-in form button is below the fold, which means I need to move it up slightly, which should improve my conversion rate. If you haven't forged a plan to make your dentist website mobile compatible, then you can answer yes to the question " Are you doing your Dentist SEO wrong? "

Are you doing your Dentist SEO wrong?  Here's how your dental practice website should look on a mobile device

As you look at the mobile view of a blog post on LinkedIn Marketing for Dentists, you’ll notice that my header takes up too much of the screen. I can probably shrink that down so you can focus on reading the content, which should make for a better mobile experience.

What  Dentist SEO strategy should you work on next?

Are you doing your Dentist SEO wrong?  Check out these common dentist SEO mistakes that keep dentists from enjoying greater dental web marketing success

Now, let’s dive into the Dentist SEO analysis section. This is where you’ll get clear and easily to follow recommendations on what you should improve to increase your dental website's performance and generate more high-quality new patients from the web. From warnings to errors, the Dental Website Analyzer's tool will list what’s wrong with your site’s Dentist SEO and what you need to fix and soon you'll be well on your way to knowing " Are you doing your Dentist SEO wrong? "... because the answer will be NO... I'm doing it right!!!

As you can see from the screenshot above, I need to work on the length of my headings as some of them are too short, while others are too long. I also need to increase the length of my meta description tag and add alt tags to a few images that are missing them.

Do the social media sites love you and the content you post on your Dental practice website?

Are you doing your dentist seo wrong?  Do the social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, linkedin and others love your content?

The next section of the Dentist SEO website analyzer report will show you how many social shares you have on the major social media sites. From Facebook to Twitter to even Pinterest, your count will be listed.

This is an important metric because search engines use social media signals within their algorithms. If you can get more social media love, your overall traffic will grow.

How many backlinks and indexed pages do you have?

Are you doing your Dentist SEO wrong?  Are you getting backlinks from authority sites back to your dental website?

If you're like most of our dentist clients, they never considered about how many backlinks they have or how many of their web pages are indexed, but you should... especially if your want your dentist website to bring high-quality new patients into your practice.

You’ll find your "backlinks" and "pages indexed" answers here. Through a few APIs, I was able to pull this data directly from the search engines. It may not be 100% accurate, but it will give you a good idea of your standings.

If you have a healthy number of indexed pages or backlinks on your dentist website, those two boxes will be green. If you are right in the middle, the boxes will be yellow. And if you need to improve those two metrics, the boxes will be red.

What keywords are you targeting?

Are you doing your dentist seo wrong?  Keywords are an important strategy for having success dental web marketing

The keywords section will show you your most popular keywords... how you can improve their rankings and as a result, generate more high-quality new patients from the web.

If you aren’t targeting those keywords to generate more new patient traffic to your site, then you don’t need to use them within your heading tags, title tag or meta description.

But if you are targeting any of those widely used keywords on your site, make sure you place them in your heading tag, title tag and meta description as it will improve your chances for your dental practice website to rank higher and thus, generate more new patients for you.   Soon you'll be asking your dentist friends and peers " Are you doing your Dentist SEO wrong? " and then show them (as long as their not your competitors) this amazing Dentist SEO tool!

What should you do with this data?

Are you doing your Dentist SEO wrong?  This part of the Dental Website Analyzer Report gives you specific Dentist SEO recommendations to improve your site's performance, page rank and your ablity to generate more high-quality new patients from the web

This if my favorite part about the tool because it will show you what changes you need to make to improve your Dentist SEO, your PageRank and improve your dental website's ability to generate more high-quality new patients from the web.

It will even organize them by high, medium and low priority status showing you what needs your immediate attention. Most of the changes the tool suggested for Growth Hacker Central are medium and low priority. The recommendations are pretty descriptive. If you aren’t sure what to do, however, you can always post your questions there, and I will respond.

How fast does your dental website load?

9 - are you doing your dentist seo wrong

Most speed analysis tools available to check your dental website are complicated. They use all of these technical terms and don’t tell you how to fix your problems. To avoid this, the dental website analyzer report uses graphs that explain what is causing your dental website to load slowly.

All you have to do is look at the graph to see what you need to work on to improve the performance (and more importantly... the ROI) for your practice's website and/or landing page.

Are you doing your Dentist SEO wrong?  With our dental website analyzer, you can improve the speed at which your site's pages load.

If you want something more descriptive and technical that you can hand off to your website guy (or gal), we'll also include a full/detailed Dentist SEO report. It will show you the exact code slowing down the load time of your site.

Are you doing your Dentist SEO wrong?  Get the full dental practice website analyer report here

How can you improve the speed at which your dental practice website loads?

Are you doing your Dentist SEO right?  With the dental website analyzer you'll get specific and easy to implement fixes for your site that will dramatically improve the rate at which your site loads, and the experience your prospective new patients have while visiting your site, and decrease the frequency at which frustrated visitors leave because they don't want to wait for your site to load

Similarly to the SEO section of the dental practice website analyzer, you will also be given recommendations on improving your site’s speed. They will be broken down by high, medium and low priority. If you aren’t technical, don’t worry. I even link to explanations for each recommendation and provide details on how you can fix that specific problem.

If you still find yourself needing help with improving your website speed, I’ll gladly answer your questions to try to help speed up your site so you can rank higher.

Are you doing your Dentist SEO Wrong? Conclusion

My hopes are you like the Growth Hacker Central Dental Practice Website Analyzer. It’s free, so make sure you enter in the URL of your practice website and/or landing page and start working on improving your site... and generating more high-quality new patients from the web.

You can also see how you stack up against your competitors, by simply entering in their URLs as well. You will see their scores versus yours.

If you like the Growth Hacker Central Dental Practice Website Analyzer, do me a favor and share it with your friends.  There's been a great level of interest and use to date, but if we get enough I'll invest even more in this free tool and you'll finally be able to stop asking " are you doing your Dentist SEO wrong? "

Dr. Ken Newhouse

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