10 Reasons Why You May Want A Certified Dental Marketing Assistant

Having a Certified Dental Marketing Assistant on your team will help you gain control of the most important and least-understood foundations needed to have a profitable and successful Dental practice which hinge on your ability to:

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  • Consistently generate quality new patient traffic.
  • Get the majority of your new patients (75% - 85%) to accept your recommendations, begin treatment and pay what they owe (on time)…consistently
  • Have the ability to retain your existing patients and increase their lifetime value
  • Generate an average of 1-2 qualified referrals from your existing patients


Certified Dental Marketing Assistants graduate from the Dental Marketing Assistant University

The Certified Dental Marketing Assistant Solves Big Problems

The problem for most Dentists, however, is that they simply don’t have the time (or the expertise) to assemble a high-performing dental marketing program.  To complicate matters even more, it seems that many Dentists are skeptical (for good reason) of practice management and dental marketing companies. Companies (and individuals) have increasingly been simply repacking and reselling the same outdated and ineffective strategies and failing to deliver on promises… especially over the last 3-5 years.

Doctors who attempt to do their own dental marketing (in addition to run a busy practice and treat patients) often end up wasting a tremendous amount of time energy and money having failed to realize that successful “dental marketing” is as definitive as any science.

The good news is that you never have to waste another dime on ineffective dental marketing programs or constantly worry that you’re practice management team is going to let you down… again.  If you’re like most Dentists, you may have been looking for alternatives for a long, long time; asking yourself “If I could find an alternative to the dental marketing establishment that worked I would increase my production and my stress levels would drop!”

Good news!  Your search is over because you can hire and/or have one of your staffed trained and certified as a dental marketing assistant… and they’ll do the work for you. Yes, that’s right! You can have 100% control over your dental marketing program and for the first time ever “Hold your dental marketing program (and every dime you invest in it) accountable!” 

Still not convinced? Here are the top 10 reasons why you might want to have a dental marketing assistant on your team:

1. Certified Dental Marketing Assistants Are More Qualified Than 95% of the Experts in the Field
It’s astonishing how few dental marketing and practice management “experts” understand how to drive quality/targeted traffic into your dental office…consistently.  Consumers are now “in-control” and the old-school “interruption-style” of marketing no longer works.  Successful promotion of your dental practice requires a unique set of skills and dental marketing assistants must prove that have them in order to become certified.

Certified Dental Marketing Assistants graduate from the Dental Marketing Assistant UniversityThey have mastered content marketing; pay-per-click; social media marketing; SEO; Growth Hacking (base level); Video marketing; Direct Response Copywriting, referral marketing, have mastered the art of communication (verbal, in print and body language) and more. Having your own certified Dental Marketing Assistant means that you’re always in control and more importantly… you’re going to get a better (and bigger) ROI than ever before.

2. A Certified Dental Marketing Assistant Will Free Up Your Time
When you hire a certified Dental Marketing Assistant, you won’t have to micromanage their every move.  Instead, you can trust that they are doing what they are supposed to be doing and you’ll meet with them to review the data they’ve collected. Since they will be providing results in a clear, concise format, you’ll have an immediate idea of how well their doing and be able to make solid decisions based on their recommendations.

3. A Certified Dental Marketing Assistant is an Economical and Effective Option 
Expenses like payroll, taxes, utilities, insurance, building rental, benefits, (and a lot more) can be draining on your practice (and your bank account). Then, when you add in paying a practice management company and/or dental marketing company, the costs escalate even higher - (especially if you’re not getting a good ROI from their efforts).

By hiring a certified Dental Marketing Assistant (or having one of your staff complete the training for certification), you won’t have these added costs… and the stress associated with them. You simply review the results that you want to achieve with your CDMA and they’ll handle the rest.

Certified Dental Marketing Assistants graduate from the Dental Marketing Assistant University4. You Can Hire A Certified Dental Marketing Assistant Part-time, Full-time or Per Project
You could hire a CDMA on an “as needed” basis or have one of your employees complete the training and then function in dual roles (#1 – as the DMA, #2 – as an assistant and/or admin). 

5. Certified Dental Marketing Assistants Allow You to (Dramatically) Cut Expenses
If you want to have one of your employees complete the training and become certified you’ll never have to pay a Dental marketing company again.   Your Dental marketing assistant will have a greater level of marketing knowledge and skill than 98.7% of the marketing and practice management experts and will be able to stay up-to-date with the most current marketing trends as part of her certification.

6. Having a Certified Dental Marketing Assistant Is Ultra Convenient For You
Whenever you want to generate more quality new patient traffic you won’t have to go shopping for a company or worry that your existing practice management/dental marketing company will be unable to help you (or that they’ll be ready to dig into your pockets again and again).  With a CDMA on your team you’ll simply tell them how many new patients you want and/or the types of new patients you want to attract, schedule and treat and they’ll handle the rest for you.  How easy is that? 

7. A Certified Dental Marketing Assistant Will Give You A Dominant Web Presence.
By using a combination of traditional and creative marketing strategies, your CDMA will dramatically and significantly increase your web presence and your new patient traffic. Both of these are paramount to the health of your practice.

Certified Dental Marketing Assistants graduate from the Dental Marketing Assistant University8. A Certified Dental Marketing Assistant Will Help You Get Higher Quality New Patients
When your web presence is enhanced, quality new patients will begin calling your office more than ever before. This will improve the quantity and quality of your new patient traffic and most importantly increase your production and help you make more money.

9. A Certified Dental Marketing Assistant Can Help Increase Your Production and Profit
When you will have enough quality patients being treated in your office each month and your schedule will be full, your practice will thrive, your production will soar and and your profits will increase. Plus, when your profit increases, you can have more cash to devote to improving your practice and/or begin doing the things you really love/want to do in your free time.

10. A Certified Dental Marketing Assistant Will Free Up Your Time
Since you’re working with a CDMA, you can concentrate on other aspects of your practice, like learning advanced procedures and treatments, or acquiring new state-of-the-art equipment, etc. In essence, you can concentrate on the day-to-day activities you enjoy most.

In conclusion, there are many benefits to hiring a Certified Dental Marketing Assistant. Their unique skill-sets and training will bring rapid and sustainable growth to your practice… and help to lower your stress. So maximize efficiency, improve new patient traffic, increase retention and build a stronger, more profitable practice a Certified Dental Marketing Assistant who can get and keep your marketing (and your production) on track!

Certified Dental Marketing Assistants are Black-Belt Marketing ExpertsFor information about how your employee(s) can become a Certified Dental Marketing Assistant (i.e. A "Black-Belt" Marketer), please visit the Dental Marketing Assistant University home page by clicking this link. You'll also find a link allowing you to access Module #1: Social Media Marketing Success absolutely free (for a limited time only).

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