Who should attend Mass Referral 2.0™ Seminar?

Get MORE New Dental Patients when you attend the Mass Referral 2.0 Seminar - Sponsored by Growth Hacker Central

You should… if you are a smart Dentist who wants to stand out from the crowd; if you’re looking to position yourself as an expert and maximize your visibility, credibility, and marketing magnetism and have high-quality new patients filling your schedule each week. 

You've experienced the fact that old-school dental marketing (batch-and-blast direct mail, buying ads and working hard to interrupt strangers) is broken and that there has to be a better way. You want to win more attention from prospective new patients by positioning yourself as a thought-leading expert and by executing magnetic marketing strategies that pull (not push) qualified, targeted patients into your practice.

When it comes to positioning yourself and your practice as the experts— and executing the daily marketing tasks to make it happen—you feel there’s too much to do, never enough time, and sometimes you’re not even sure where to begin.

You’d like to eliminate the ups and downs of your feast-and-famine production cycle with proven marketing tactics that generate consistent visibility so you become the obvious go-to choice for the quality patients you’re looking for in your target market.

You want to outsmart, out-position, and out-execute your competition so that you stop “marketing your practice by accident,” and you no longer have to just settle for whatever new patient traffic falls in your lap.

Successfully promoting and marketing your Dental practice is not a mystery. It’s just a series of simple decisions— and the action steps to carry out the implementation of those decisions— to help you regain the clarity, confidence, and control you need to reach higher levels of success.


Finally... You Can Stop Throwing Money Into A Dental Marketing "Black Hole"!

By the time we break for lunch, you’ll see exactly why— AND how you’ll be able to generate the number of quality new patients you want each month right away.


Asking me when the growth hacking strategies I give you at Mass Referral 2.0 will lead to a 27% increase in:

  1. New patient appointments... and 
  2. A 20% increase in your case acceptance rate...

Is like filling up your car’s gas tank and asking, “Why aren't we there yet?”

Answer: Because filling your car with gas is a necessary but not sufficient step in getting you to your destination (More quality new patients who pay, stay and refer others just like them).  Registering for the Mass Referral 2.0 Seminar so that you can get your hands on the strategies for growth hacking your dental marketing is just the first step, but that doesn't make it any less vital to your success.

Put it this way: Do you have a chance of arriving now that your gas tank is full? You bet. Did you have a chance of getting there with your tank on empty? No way.  Let's drive on...



Look at your e-mail spam or bulk e-mail folder. Yes, you. Yes, right now. I’ll wait … Tap-tap-tap-tap. You’re back. Excellent. Did you see that spam e-mail from the toner cartridge company? Did you catch the pitch from the SEO firm that filled out your website’s contact form? Did you respond to that great deal on vacation cruises? No? OK.

Now pop over to your paper mail pile on your desk. Did you check out the latest triple-play offer from your friendly cable company? How about that compelling cell phone offer from Verizon? The Wall Street Journal subscription offer? Or how about that postcard—you know, the one from the home heating oil company? No?

When’s the last time you gave your credit card number to a cold caller who interrupted your family dinner? NEVER?? I’m shocked! But you seem pretty excited about YOUR Val-Pac mailer — and sending out YOUR spam email offers, offers to new home-owners in the neighborhoods you're targeting, YOUR lame referral cards, YOUR sales messages.

Get MORE New Dental Patients when you attend the Mass Referral 2.0 Seminar - Sponsored by Growth Hacker Central

The problem with trying to generate more new patient traffic and referrals this way?

In five words: Zero. Value. For. New Patients 

And hello?

YOU don’t BUY this way.

What in the world makes you Think that the new patient prospects you're targeting DO?


Before you continue take 30-seconds and ask yourself these questions... and oh yeah... Don't Kid Yourself!

QUESTION #1: What VALUE have I ADDED to my prospect’s world in order to EARN the RIGHT to INVITE them to a conversation and OFFER my solutions to their problems, headaches, heartaches, and challenges?


The next thing you’re going to tell me is that you don’t NEED to do any marketing because 99 percent of your new patients are from referrals, and it’s always been that way. You don’t see how growth hacking your dental marketing is going to move the needle toward generating more qualified new patient traffic and improve your case acceptance rate.

Do you seriously think that patients who have been referred to you don’t check you out online before picking up the phone?

What messages are you sending to your quality referrals with:

  • Your outdated website. Articles from two years ago; comments that are not only outdated, but were left by people with the same last name as you and worst of all, the cookie-cutter layout from 1995 that 50 other Dentists across the country are using too.
  • Your abandoned Facebook account that you set up because someone said you had to? Now it has 87 friends while your competitors have 5,000 (or a whole lot more).
  • Your sketchy, bare bones LinkedIn profile that has 200 connections but only two recommendations ? (And they’re from two years ago. From people with the same last name as you.) Your “glory days” articles and TV clips and PR placements from 20 (yes, I’m serious), 10, or even five years ago. Nothing screams “has-been” like old media. Make no mistake: Getting repeat and referral business is great. But don’t kid yourself that this absolves you from having a top-notch web presence, social media platform, and body of knowledge that is
  • Your “glory days” articles and TV clips and PR placements from 20
    (yes, I’m serious), 10, or even five years ago.

Nothing screams “has-been” like old media.


Make no mistake: Patient retention and new referrals are great. But don’t kid yourself that this absolves you from having a top-notch web presence, social media platform, and body of knowledge that is ultra-current, super-relevant, and obviously abundant.

In fact, you are leaving yourself open to EMBARRASSMENT if your existing patients and/or Joint Venture Partners hear back from their referrals and find themselves in the awkward position of having to defend your out-of-date marketing platform, which now casts your professional reputation into doubt.

QUESTION # 2: Does my overall online presence REASSURE and REINFORCE the referrals I earn? Does it contain the most current, credible, and relevant marketing messages, positioning, content, resources, and value that will make my advocates LOOK BETTER— not worse— for referring me?


And you don’t get to eat the delicious golden-brown cheese without first layering on the meat!

Here’s what “four-layer” means:

  1. The first layer— at the core of the matter— is your Reputation. Your work. Your track record. If you stop there, you’ll have a VERY hard time attracting QUALITY new patients and referrals. “My work should speak for itself ” is what a lot of very smart Dentists say— smart people who have a hard time making their mortgage payments. 
  2. The second layer is Amplification. Ways to make your online presence stronger. Enter Growth Hacking, social media marketing, social media optimization, niche PR, article marketing, blogging, keyword research, and search engine optimization. This is the key to spreading your ideas and broadcasting your expertise.
  3. The third layer is Leverage. This is where you begin to capitalize on your trusted adviser assets such as articles, blogs, videos, pod casts, interviews, white papers, special reports, book excerpts, and other value-first marketing tools. At this point you'll have high-probability (and high-quality) new patient prospects both individually (on LinkedIn, for example) and collectively (on your blog, for example) reaching out to you. This is where your job becomes putting the right bait on the right hooks in the right lakes to catch the right fish.
  4. The fourth layer is Gravity. This is like Jim Collins’s flywheel concept in Good to Great: It takes a long time to get it spinning but then is very hard to stop because of the power of momentum . This is where you start to see payoffs: more calls from prospective new patients, higher-quality new patients, bigger cases (patients who feel like they NOW know you, like you, and trust you enough to hand over huge five-figure checks because their level of confidence in your expertise is pretty close to 100 percent.), a higher case acceptance rate, and higher profile alliances.


Question 3: Do you want to have more new patients that are strangers? (Good luck with that). Or do you really want more people to recognize, respect, and request YOU by name when they have a desire for a complex cosmetic procedure or serious problem... that they instantly recognize “your name" as the obvious expert to call?

If that’s your goal, then growth hacking and the Mass Referral 2.0 Seminar is exactly what you've been looking for. 

Consider This For A Moment:  The average new patient asks himself/herself these exact questions immediately before and/or during your case presentation:

I don’t know who you are. I don’t read your blog. I don’t subscribe to your newsletter. I don’t hear my peers, friends and/or family members talking positively about you or spreading your ideas. I don’t come across your content in Google searches. I don’t connect your solutions to my problems. I  don’t feel the gravity of your credibility or credentials.

I don’t have any tangible way to gauge your expertise or experience. Now— what was the treatment plan you're trying to sell me?

So here’s the ultimate (and most important) question for YOU:

How can you realistically expect the majority of your new patients to ACCEPT your recommendations for treatment WITHOUT first setting the necessary preconditions for a SUCCESSFUL CASE PRESENTATION, ACCEPTANCE AND PAYMENT without Growth Hacking Your Dental Marketing?

The answer is as simple as it is obvious: You can’t.

Just like you can’t drive your car from St. Louis to Dallas if you haven’t first filled up your gas tank.

Only then can you get behind the wheel, plan your route, use your GPS, add more fuel along the way (and probably some beef jerky, Subway and diet Mountain Dew), AND put in effort (the hours and the miles) to get you to your destination.

NOT A SINGLE HIGH-QUALITY NEW PATIENT... and I mean NOT ONE will make call your office for an appointment, come in for their exam and then accept your FULL RECOMMENDATION FOR TREATMENT  sight unseen.

You wouldn't. I wouldn't either. And the facts prove that today’s new dental patients are just like YOU and ME. The kind of Growth Hacking strategies, Systems and tools we’ll explore together at Mass Referral 2.0.


Dr. Ken Newhouse - Official Growth Hacker for the Dental Profession Worldwide and CEO of Growth Hacker CentralMy name is Dr. Ken Newhouse and the Growth Hacking strategies and Systems I’ve pioneered have allowed Dentists across the country to attract, schedule and convert the additional (quality) new patients they want… and if you want to attend Mass Referral 2.0™, I can help you achieve similar results.

Why I’m the MOST Qualified Individual to Help You Generate MORE New Patients:
Today I serve as the ‘Official Growth Hacker for the Dental Profession Worldwide™; I’m a regular monthly contributor on Dentaltown and Dentistry IQ; for the last 10 years I have coached and helped many of the profession’s most successful and talented Doctors and prior to that I enjoyed 16+ very successful years in private practice.

Now it’s not essential that the best dental marketers should have an intimate understanding of the challenges you face in practice, and be “the” leading expert in their field of specialization.  But I think you’ll agree that my understanding of what you deal with on a day-to-day basis is an asset I bring to the table.


When you attend the Mass Referral 2.0 Seminar, I'll give you the strategies, Systems and tools that will help you generate the additional new patients you want each month. As an added benefit your professional reputation will improve and you'll become recognized as a leading authority in your market.  My ultimate goal for you and every Dentist I have the benefit of working with is to help you achieve "sustainable growth" in your practice, with less stress.

But in order to achieve that, we need to get real.  Being a Growth Hacker gives me an even greater advantage over every Dental Marketing expert on the Planet, but even with my experience, my qualifications and my (and my Client's) successes... I'm not a magician.

I don't have "secret knowledge" that will “unlock the floodgates” of new patient traffic for you. But I do have Systems and strategies that will consistently deliver more quality new patients for you. To-date, I'm the only growth hacker serving the Dental profession which simply means "You have NEVER used or had access to my strategies, Systems and tools... unless you're friends of one of my Clients and you know how much I've helped them generate the new patient traffic they've been longing for".  

I'm not talking about the "bad" patients who typically respond to "FREE" (or reduced fee) offers.  The kind of patients you'll be seeing more of are those who will predisposed to accept your recommendations and begin treatment.

How would You know that I can do that for you? You know I can do that for you because I’ve not only grown my own practices into multi-million dollar businesses… but several of my Dentist Clients are enjoying record production and profits.  So much so, that they're hiring associates and opening new locations.  

Many of my Clients have attended the Mass Referral 2.0 Seminar, and subsequently hired me to do larger and more sophisticated projects for them.  The fact that so many of them remain with me and become long-term Clients tells me that I must be worth their investment.  

The Mass Referral 2.0™ Seminar will equip you with strategies, Systems and tools for winning the marketing war once and for all.  By the end of the day Attendees will have Rock-Solid Certainty about and Total Control of:


  • How To STOP Throwing Your Hard-Earned Money Into A Marketing Black-Hole
  • Understand and Implement Visibility + Credibility = MORE New Patient Appointments + Improved Case Acceptance
  • 11 Reasons Patients Should Accept Your Recommendations and Begin Treatment - Are You Leveraging Them?
  • Why Having Total Control Over Your New Patient Traffic Is Priceless… and How to Get It Instantly
  • How to Successfully Attract New Patients – Even When They’re Lazy, Busy, and Befuddled
  • Chasing Chum Makes You a Chump - How to Catch High-Value Cases While Your Competition Is Fishing for Chum!
  • Seven Social Media Optimization (SMO) Rules That Must NEVER Be Broken – If You Want Your Internet Marketing Efforts to Produce
  • The (Real) IDIOT’s Guide to Social Media Marketing – Simply Avoiding These Mistakes Will Instantly Improve Your Social Media Marketing Results
  • Your Case Presentation “To-Don’t List” – The Contents of This List Will Surprise You
  • Market to New Patient Prospects Who Are Already Listening – When You Know Who’s Actively Looking for What You Have the Getting Them In Into Your Chair Is E-A-S-Y
  • Why You DON’T Want to Be in the Book – Especially When You Want To Attract MORE Big Cases
  • Five Reasons Why The Quality Of Your Referrals Is Lame — And The 3 Steps For Improving Referral Quality... and Quantity 
  • Seven Stupid Ways to Blow Up Your Case Presentation – Are You Making These Costly Mistakes?
  • Stop Wasting Your Time Following Up – Do This Instead!
  • Your Name Supports Everything You Do – How to Get Patients To Write Reviews in Google and Facebook… Without Having To Ask!
  • You’re Competing With Idiots And They’re Winning… Marketing Strategies as Definitive As Any Science
  • YOUR 21-DAY Action Plan - How to Generate an 7-9 Quality New Patients In Less-Than A Month - And They'll Pay Full-Fee (No Discounted

You will also be 100% confident and clear about:


  • How to attract MORE than your fair share of the QUALITY new patients in your market
  • How to end the frustration of not knowing what to do, when, or how
  • How to have absolute control over the number of new patients, your production and your profits
  • Competing In A Saturated Market – How to Avoid Being Perceived As “Just Another Dentist”
  • The EXACT Marketing Plan for Your Budget - How to Hold Every Marketing Dollar Accountable
  • How to Effectively Reach Your IDEAL New Patients By Avoiding Weak Promotions
  • How to Implement Your Marketing Plan in the OPTIMAL SEQUENCE – Did You Know There Is One?
  • How to Get Your Team Excited and Involved About Bringing In MORE New Patients – They Can Avoid Asking for Referrals, Work Less, Improve Their Value As A Dental Professional and Make More Money When They Perform!
  • What Referral Methods Work, What Doesn't, and Why - You'll Be Shocked When You See How Many Referrals Previous Seminar Attendees Have Been Averaging
  • Understand Metrics Dentists Never Use (But Should) That Give You Fingertip Control Over Your Marketing – Then Learn How To Leverage Them In Less-Than 5-Minutes Each Week.


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