Include Pinterest In Your Dental Marketing

Include Pinterest In Your Dental Marketing Plan

Include Pinterest In Your Dental MarketingFew Dentists today know that they should include Pinterest in your Dental Marketing plan. Does your social media marketing checklist look something like this?

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Improve your dental marketing results using the social media site that consists of almost all women ages 30-56.  Pinterest users make double that of Facebook users on averagePinterest is without question one of the fastest growing social networking sites on the planet comprised almost exclusively by women ages 30-56 years old and over 63% of them report that they are married! An even more impressive statistic proves that Pinterest users spend twice as much money as Facebook users (HELLO?)

Now, you would think with statistics like these, Pinterest would be one of the main social networking sites Dentists would want to target and incorporate into their existing internet marketing success plan.

Amazingly enough, however, this is simply not the case. But for those of you who are paying attention and now want to add Pinterest to your content marketing and social media marketing plan - have no fear! The information on this page will take you through six ways you can add and use Pinterest (successfully and profitably) as part of your existing dental marketing strategy.

So What Exactly Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is often described as a social networking bookmarking tool. It allows users to share images in an online community - and once uploaded, these images, or pins as they are called, can be placed on boards which can then be customized and added to. As you'll find in the Dentists Guide to Internet Success, the site is extremely easy to use and there are several different ways in which you can use it:

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  • Pin a link to a website

  • Upload an image

  • Create a video

  • Share other users' content.


Dental Marketing Basics for Pinterest SuccessThe main goal of the social networking site is to connect people through visuals and this is exemplified in the process of pinning images. You simply source your image, assign it to a board and if you wish, add a caption. Pinterest encourages users to browse boards, comment, share pins and re-pin images onto their own boards - interaction is very similar to that of Facebook or Twitter. Chesterfield Dentist Nathan Hartman DDS successfully uses Pinterest as it can also be used to embed pins or images onto websites or blogs just like a Facebook or Twitter logo would be used to encourage traffic from one site to another.

As with social media sites, there are little-known tips and tricks that you can use get the most out of Pinterest. I have listed three strategies below that you can begin using immediately to attract quality new patients into your practice:

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  • Engage New Audiences: Pinterest is a great way to attract and interact with prospective new (and existing) patients. The nature of the site encourages you to pin, comment and share other people's images, which in turn can help drive qualified new patient traffic not only to your website, but straight into your office. By sharing content, not only will you be interacting with existing followers and patients, which is formula proven to increase your new patient traffic, but you will also be exposing your pins to more people.

  • Create Great Content: The ability to pin videos as well as images is a great way to create great engaging content. There are many great bookmarking sites which include visuals that you can incorporate into your Pinterest board. Using content from your blog is also a good way to generate content, for example an image used on a new blog could be posted with a link to the blog itself - taking interested prospects right back to your website!

  • Create User-generated Boards: Creating a board that is used by followers is a great way to boost interaction. Opening up boards to other Pinterest users will often attract quality new patient prospects into your online marketing campaign in an easy and relatable way. By asking users to pin content onto the board you are able to gain a real insight into what they are enjoying or viewing at that moment in time. It is a priceless element to online marketing that can often provide invaluable information.


Pinterest success in five stepsIt's important to remember that interacting with followers is crucial on Pinterest as your followers will be notified of your activity. This, in turn, often leads to followers viewing your profile to find out some more information about you and your practice.

This is where it becomes imperative that your profile is full of information that will appeal to and be consumed by the new patient prospects that you're targeting. Ensure that your 'About' profile is filled with keywords, just as your LinkedIn profile should be, connect your Pinterest page to your other social networking sites and most importantly ensure there is a clear link back to your dentist website.

This will encourage traffic from Pinterest to your website and vice versa. A final tip is to ensure your profile is made public; this will make it easier for users to find and interact with you on Pinterest.

So there you have it, my three ways to use Pinterest as part of your online marketing campaign, and as you can see many of the tips given can also be applied to your other existing social media campaigns. Seems fairly straightforward right? That's because it is! Social media marketing is all about encouraging interaction and creating a positive online image. Now you have the information, it is time to get pinning.

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