Growth Hacker Central Equips & Prepares Small Businesses & Professional Practices With Systems, Tools & Training Showing You How To Get Your Ideal Clients, Customers & Clients Begging to Buy Your Products and Do Business With You

Growth Hacker Central is built on Ken Newhouse's Platform for business success which includes Systems, Tools, and Training for creating sustainable growth in your small business and/or professional practice

Growth Hacker Central is built on expert direct marketer and growth strategist Ken Newhouse’s formula for business success, we combine internet marketing, persuasive sales training and permission-based marketing with effective multi-step, multimedia plans to target new customers, clients and patients, create referrals, get current clients to spend more money and inactive clients to come back to do business with you.

Learn more about Growth Hacker Central and how you can use our products and strategies to make your business thrive.


Growth Hacker Central helps small business owners, practicing professionals (dentists, cosmetic surgeons, chiropractors and vendors who service them) and startups achieve sustainable-growth and break into the kind of financial security and independence that many dream of, but few truly achieve.

Growth Hacker Central offers an array of direct marketing systems in the form of coaching, products, services, conferences, books and more.

Transform your business into one that consistently stands out from the crowd and helps you achieve your greatest business goals, including:

  • Differentiation from your competitors 
  • Financial security for true freedom and independence 
  • Sustainable growth in your key markets


  • Work only as much as you want 
  • Experience less stress 
  • Never require anyone's permission to do what you
    want, when you want

The team at Growth Hacker Central helps you reduce stress, save time, and avoid extraneous costs with the most effective marketing strategies that are specifically taught to help small business owners and practicing professionals get ahead.

You'll find an abundance of information here on all aspects of Growth Hacking your Dental Practice, Gamification, Dental Marketing and the Dental Marketing Assistant University (the official training center for transforming your employees into certified dental marketing experts).

Here are some tips for finding the information that will best meet your needs:

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