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The Dental Marketing and Dentist SEO strategies employed by Dentist marketing experts and Practice Management Companies are no longer capable of delivering quality new patient traffic at the levels it once did leaving Dentists frustrated and looking for viable alternatives.  What began in Silicon Valley in 2010 as a methodology for Internet Startups to achieve rapid and sustainable growth (Growth Hacking) is considered by the Dentists who are employing it to be nothing short of a revolution in Dental Marketing.

Ken Newhouse, the CEO of Growth Hacker Central is the ‘OFFICIAL’ Growth Hacker for the Dental Profession Worldwide and to-date, the only Growth Hacker in the Dental Industry.

Forbes Magazine states Growth Hacking strategies are not to be confused with the strategies of an “Illegal Hackers”. Growth Hacker Central uses the Growth Hacking Strategies (i.e., “non-traditional growth strategies, Systems, tools and tactics that require minimal investment of capital but provide rapid and sustainable growth”.)

Growth Hacker Central is able to deliver rapid and sustainable growth for our Clients and Members by employing these strategies: Coding (HTML, JavaScript, OpenSource, Platform API’s); create Custom Apps (every Fortune 100 company has at least one custom app for use on social platforms and with their website(s)); Product Development (not to be confused with practice management); Human Behavior and Persuasion; NLP Communication; Direct Response Copy writing and marketing; Search Engine Optimization combined with an enormous level of creative genius tying it all together!

If you’re frustrated with your Dentist marketing and/or Practice Management Company because they’re just not helping you generate the quality new patient traffic each month that you want… or you want to create a state of sustainable growth and profit in your dental practice I invite you to visit our FREE Guides page.

These FREE Guides (no email address required) are packed with strategies, systems and tools for helping you generate MORE quality new patients from the internet (and much more).

I want to also invite you to read and subscribe to our Growth Hacker Central Blog as well as my Dentaltown Blog and my Dentistry IQ Blog…. the only place on the planet you’ll find these unique strategies for Growth Hacking Your Dental Practice, generating MORE quality new patient traffic and creating sustainable growth in your practice.

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