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How Growth Hacking Has Been
Scientifically Proven to Outperform Dental
Marketing in Virtually All Instances…

Growth Hacking, the most-advanced growth strategy available for creating sustainable growth and profit in business today is being suppressed in the Dental Industry while America's fastest-growing and most-profitable companies continue to generate record-levels of growth and Billions of dollars in profit using it... and you now you can too!

Dental Companies and/or Online Dental Platforms can now unlock your growth and profits Growth Hacker Central.  Now it’s easier and faster to acquire new dentist clients, increase sales and generate more profit than ever before!Growth Hacker Central - Training, Systems and Strategies for Dentists to Magnetically Attract High-Quality New Dental PatientsGrowth Hacker Central and the Dental Marketing University - What if you can become a ‘black-belt’ marketer, improve your hirability as en employee, or take your business and/or practice to the next level of production and create sustainable growth?Growth Hacker Central Webstore - Your Online Source for Systems, Tools and Training to Help Your Dental Business Grow

Dental Companies

What if you'll never had to experience the frustration of watching your sales flat line or worse, decline again? Or what if you no-longer had to watch helplessly as your competitors steal your market share and never again had to worry about not meeting sales goals because you can gain complete control?


What if there was a way you can double... even triple your quality new patient traffic and increase your conversion ratio by 15 percent, 25 percent... even 40 percent (or more) transforming new prospects into paying new patients? How much more money will you earn as a result?

Dental Marketing University™

If you could become a dental marketing expert and possess the ability to generate high-quality patients on-demand how much more money will you make as a result? If you can possess complete control over the number of new clients, patients and/or customers you want to produce, why would you waste money paying a dental marketing and/or practice management company again?

GHC Provides Information, Training, and Coaching to Help Dental Companies and Dentists Achieve Sustainable Growth In Months Versus Years

Ken Newhouse is the Founder of GHC and the 'OFFICIAL' Growth Hacker for the Dental Profession Worldwide™

GHC provides services, strategies and tools for Dental Company Owners, Executives, Dentists and Dental Specialists designed to create sustainable growth and profit for their business through Growth Hacking, gamification, marketing(online and offline), Dental Marketing University™ and advanced communication strategies

Ken Newhouse and the GHC team will equip and prepare you to attract more of your ideal clients and patients, get them to come back more often, have them spending more on each visit and send you more referrals than you ever thought possible.

These strategies are revealed every month for our blog subscribers, Members, the Mass Referral 2.0 Seminar live workshops and through offline and online resources so you can get started benefiting immediately. If you want to get the strategies you need to have the business you dream of and hold every single dollar you spend accountable for multiplying itself then please contact us.

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